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Dec 5, 2013 5:30am PST
lost concentration before the accident. hollywood and fans pay tribute after film star paul walker is killed in a car crash, age 40. and french expertise and demand in brazil ahead of next year's football world cup. france's riot police offer some advice. we start in new york, where the investigation continues into a train crash that killed four people. it's already known that the train was travel agent almost three times the speed limit as it entered the at-risk bend. now lawyers say the driver, a 46-year-old william rockefeller, a volunteered firefighter who never had an accident in a decade of driving, lost concentration, in a daze, in the seconds before the crash. investigators also say automated safeguards had not been fitted on the line. charlotte hawkins has the story. >> the train was headed for new york's grand central station, but it came off the tracks just north of manhattan, almost crashing into the hudson river. 150 people were believed to be on board, many suffered injuries, and some were transported to nearby hospitals. >> i was sitting on the train, and we were pullin
Dec 2, 2013 5:30am PST
stretched.e the second from paul. four points clear at the top in belgium. austrians were kept at bay in the men's super g race. the reigning olympic champion in this discipline is chasing a record for the number of victories for a norwegian skier. he was focused. he has been in dominant form, posting five victories over the year, four in the super g, one in last year's downhill. he crossed in 28.35 seconds. -- 1:28:35. austria looked aggressive. the silver medalist in the discipline cost -- crossed to secure second spot. he had done enough to secure the win and moved atop the overall standings. another austrian completed the podium. he finished 400 of a second back secondshed 0.04 of a back. creek, fans were denied a victory by this woman. course post few problems for the suite -- swede. despite an edgy start, linda held her nerve on the tricky flat section to finish 0.09 s econds ahead of the home favorite, who could not hide her disappointment at the end. in the absence of the injured reigningonn, the champion was given huge support. she had to settle for second place. >> this is s
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2